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Wood stove water heating is known by various names, outdoor wood furnaces, water stoves, outdoor wood heaters, and outdoor wood boilers to name a few. However since doing this research I have found that the technical term is outdoor woodfired hydronic heaters (OWHH). what ever the case may be..

Heating with wood with one of these outdoor wood heating systems seems to be a good solution where there are multiple buildings to heat with no neighbors living nearby.

These wood stove water heating systems provide heating and/or hot water to homes and outbuildings as well are used to heat agriculture operations such as greenhouses and dairy farms.

The outdoor wood stove heating system that I am installing not only serves my heating requirements, but because of the recent pine beetle devastation on our local timber, I am provided with a supreme and very abundant fibre source for fuel.

However I do not feel that if I lived in a populated area that this stove would be my choice because the technology does not allow for efficient combustion or burning on a consistent basis. Inefficient combustion occurs when there is not enough oxygen present in a heating system, producing a greater volume of by-products, some of which are harmful to humans and the environment alike. Unlike wood stoves and pellet stoves, OWHHs are currently not regulated in British Columbia.

With that being said, and the fact that living my country life centered around trying to live a little greener and do what I can for the environment, I guess its a bit of a trade off. By using this wood stove water heating system there will be some volume of by-products produced, but not nearly causing as much damage to the environment as using upwards of a thousand dollars a month of electricity required for the same amount of energy. Worth mentioning as well is that for my fuel supply I will be using the very dry beetle damaged pine trees, removing the damaged resource from the healthy forest does in turn help the environment.

This is how these stoves work, a large fire box heats water contained in a jacket surrounding the fire box. Water is heated and then passed through a system of underground pipes to supply heating and/or hot water to homes and other buildings. When the water circulating in the heater reaches an upper set point, air to the fire is cut off. When the water temperature drops to a lower set point, air supply is reintroduced to the system, thus starting the cycle all over again.

When installed properly and well insulated, these wood stove water heating systems supplied with good dry fiber provide excellent consistent heat for a very minimal effort and cost.This wood stove water heating system works well for

my country life

Soon this will be a link for more on MY outdoor wood stove water heating system, if you have any suggestions, or would like more info, or be notified of my up dates, please complete the form thanks.

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